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I adore this woman. Louise Bourgeois, she died on May 31st of last year (also known as my birthday). Her work is raw and ridiculously Freudian. She managed up until her dying day to make beauty out of her traumatizing childhood memories.  

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oh so famous and oh so dirty dirty

Lets talk about sex. Or rather not faking a headache when your hubby wants some.

Botticelli, Primavera,1482

Its pretty, they’re frolicking and dancing, and no one wants to notice Zephyrus raping Chloris over to the right. But she came out of it as Flora, so that’s awesome…..right?

Basically: Wives submit to your husband and make some babies! Woot!

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"Epochs do not have essences, history does not work by all governing unities, and works of art in their quirkiness tend to resist generalities." -Kirk Varnedoe